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Roofing products

Floorplan, climate, plans of development and the unique taste of the builder are responsible for the form of the roof. But the roofs important task is to protect from snow, rain and wind. Due to this fact it is essential to use the right roofing products to grant the modern technic for steep roof and to grant protection and to fulfill visual and functional tasks of the roof.

Therefore GAPA will serve its products.

Our wide range of roofing products (ridge, arris etc.) will enable an optimal air condition and will equally prevent from nesting of birds and insects.

Products for roof ridge and arris bar

Our roof ridge and arris bar prevent from wetness and guarantee a permanent reliablility of the roof, especially regarding the air condition. Insufficient air condition could cause permanent wetness and additinally a considerable damage of the roof substructure.

The various ventilation rolls made of full metall (aluminium, copper) and made of mixed aluminium with textile and fleece are suitable throughout the roof. The rolls are totally checked regarding the material, quality, function, lasting and the colour.

Connecting products

The connection between roof and mounting roof products requires utmost safety. The GAPA connection tape offers a well solution and considers all the requests regarding tight and longlasting connections. The metal is weather resistant and the glue and the sealing compound on a butyl basis stand the test of time in the recent years and will be manifold applied at home.

Products for eaves and roof valleys

Eave products enable an optimal air condition and protect, at the same time, from nesting of birds and insects.



Products for roof inspection and snow guard

Our products for roof inspection will assure the safe entering of the roof that maintenance work and services can be done by the chimney sweep and the craftsman.

Our snow quards prevent from avalanches. Slipping avalanches are often undervalued - but if they falling off the damage could be extremely high - particularly if persons are involved.

Further roofing products

Roof passages are necessary for rain-proofed transmission of ventilation lines, exhaust pipes and antenna cables. The flexible hose from GAPA equalizes offsets and length differences between pipe line and roof passage and offers a special efficient solution.


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